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  • छाया मन्त्रिमंडल: राजनीती में पारदर्शिता लाने का एक प्रयास
  • दिल्ली में स्वराज कोसों दूर, क्योंकि राजसता जवाबदेही से दूर
    Swaraj: our principle


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This is the official website of Shadow Cabinet (छाया मन्त्रीमण्डल) for Delhi state.

It has been launched by a group of concerned citizens. It is a civil society movement.

The reason for creating Shadow Cabinet (छाया मंत्रीमण्डल ) for Delhi:

In the absence of  a credible opposition in Delhi Vidhansabha (legislative assembly), we think that it is incumbent upon the people to provide some sort of effective opposition to the government in order to ensure that public funds are not being misused and public grievances are being listened to and dealt with in a time bound manner.

Shadow Cabinet will have  shadow ministers. The ministers will be known as छाया मंत्री (Chhaya mantri) or shadow ministers.

These men or women would be appointed to take on the responsibility of carrying out the work of their departments to the best of their abilities. These people ,hopefully,will have a proven record of a successful career. The post of a minister will be honorary.

Please visit FAQs page and other content at the website to understand the spirit behind Shadow Cabinet.


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Concept of Shadow Cabinet
Concept of Shadow Cabinet
January 27, 2016